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i am in love with little silver. i am really hoping to find her a sweet home, as she is really coming out of her shell.silver
baby hisses at me sometimes, either when i walk over to open the crate, or when i close it. i had tried to hold her the one time, and i think she decided after that, that i’m a big ogre.
i’m going to add a paypal button here. not sure it’ll do any good, but i hope someone has the heart to help. we spend roughly $75 a month on food and litter for these little guys, and we’ve had them since mid-august. (plus, until mid-september, we were also feeding mommy cat.) since we don’t have jobs, and we have three boodles of our own, this has added a definite dent on our monthly resources. since we don’t want to give any of these guys to just anybody, our resources for advertising are fairly limited.
mommy cat went up to Mass., and her adoptive parents haven’t given us any news, so we’re wary of letting these guys go far afield.
i am going to update their bios, and put a better explanation of all of this up here. we will also be updating the gallery in the next few days.


animal control turned up today.
seems a neighbor has complained about the lady next door feeding the cats.
so it’s crunch time.

if we had a house, we’d house them, no problem. we agree on that. let me start at the beginning.

animal control came. lady not home. we were on the doorstep as we’d heard them turn up. so i talked to the girl. as far as the town is concerned, people shouldn’t feed feral cats. they’re looking to take them away. if any of them have fiv or leukaemia, they’ll be put down. if not, they’ll go to a local animal shelter.

but i called a couple of adoption organizations who said all the local shelters are kill shelters right now. the first org. has 9 volunteer foster homes. there are 112 cats in those homes right now. and they have several colonies they maintain outdoors. so you see…our little kittens are standing a very low chance of survival as it stands right now.

we’re sitting here, racking our brains…but we know there’s little we can do. if the lady next door were interested in having them around, that’d be different, but she’s not. plus, the animal control gal told us they don’t like water and food being left around – some bullshit about west nile virus and pests.

i can’t tell you how much i want a house right this minute. i think both of us do. it would be so easy if we had one…so easy.

anyone close enough to me to help?
och – say some prayers for these little mites.

sal has written about the situation we’re dealing with right now.

after we got over being upset at animal control coming over…we were ready to resign ourselves to having to let these babies go…

then we tried to come up with ways of getting them foster care…but found out all the organizations are full – 9 foster-homes in one of them, with 112 cats to go around (and they’ve got dogs as well, of course)…

my sister can’t help…and she’s not in VA anymore – so doesn’t have access to the cat-lady on the farm with over 50 cats.

today, for the first time, we realized they really are still nursing. it’s now clear that there is the grey mother (white paws)….with her three kittens: an all-black, a grey (white paws), and a tabby.

what we have now discovered, is that the kittens like to sleep in the crook of sal’s dad’s outdoor canopy.

today, after i saw the tabby and the black one nursing, they all were up in the canopy (picture there being a cute lump on the side right where the long bars are). they get up there by climbing the fence and jumping over the fir trees.

i saw them out of willow’s window – right above the canopy. i thought these babies were much older than they obviously are. they’re smaller than i thought, (lying prone when nursing makes them look older), and are obviously only a month old or so.

so sal talked to her best friend, who has taken strays in before…

her sister knows some people with a farm who take in cats…and another sister knows of a place in NY state where for a nominal fee, they will house the cats for you.

our vet has already said she will give us a discount if we take them there. sal’s friend has said she’ll help financially – she is a good-hearted cat-lover.

we’ve thought about keeping one kitten – it would probably be the tabby, being as willow’s a semi-tabby herself. not logical, but there ya go.

being that the condo is empty right now, we could house them for the meantime. then they’d get used to people as we’ll be over there working on the place.

we still don’t know what to do with our housing situation. we keep making the “final decision”. i guess that’s for another post…it’s so difficult…drawn out…

i’ll know tomorrow what’s happening with the cats. either we’re going to trap them and sort this out…or we’re going to have to leave it up to animal control. that is something we’re determined not to do, but a lot is riding on the expected phone call.

pray/bless these babies…and hope for the best.

well the little uns ate themselves silly with turkey and giblet friskies… leave it to friskies to have just about every cat flavor variety imaginable… but the little guys just loved it… last week we brought over a bag of cat toys for them… which mostly consisted of different types of balls (jingle, foam, rubber) and mice in felt and string… and a tinsel-like ball… well these guys… they PLAY… and it is great… because now they just love to come up to me… and its like… ‘come on throw the ball!’… i collect about all of them and roll them across the room… and they are in various poses of hiding/stalking… they hide behind a box… a table leg… and winston hides behind a flannel rag… (s) well they leap out and bat the ball around as they pass… it is so cool to see 4 kitty-kats just running together to swat at these toys… they love to look out the window at the terrace… winston actually ran into the glass door trying to stalk a pidgeon… i know willow did that when she was around his age… thankfully it takes just one of those to get the message that well it may be see-through but man its solid!… well they are hopefully a little more tired than normal tonight… i know that these guys played into my thanksgiving this year!