animal control turned up today.
seems a neighbor has complained about the lady next door feeding the cats.
so it’s crunch time.

if we had a house, we’d house them, no problem. we agree on that. let me start at the beginning.

animal control came. lady not home. we were on the doorstep as we’d heard them turn up. so i talked to the girl. as far as the town is concerned, people shouldn’t feed feral cats. they’re looking to take them away. if any of them have fiv or leukaemia, they’ll be put down. if not, they’ll go to a local animal shelter.

but i called a couple of adoption organizations who said all the local shelters are kill shelters right now. the first org. has 9 volunteer foster homes. there are 112 cats in those homes right now. and they have several colonies they maintain outdoors. so you see…our little kittens are standing a very low chance of survival as it stands right now.

we’re sitting here, racking our brains…but we know there’s little we can do. if the lady next door were interested in having them around, that’d be different, but she’s not. plus, the animal control gal told us they don’t like water and food being left around – some bullshit about west nile virus and pests.

i can’t tell you how much i want a house right this minute. i think both of us do. it would be so easy if we had one…so easy.

anyone close enough to me to help?
och – say some prayers for these little mites.