i am in love with little silver. i am really hoping to find her a sweet home, as she is really coming out of her shell.silver
baby hisses at me sometimes, either when i walk over to open the crate, or when i close it. i had tried to hold her the one time, and i think she decided after that, that i’m a big ogre.
i’m going to add a paypal button here. not sure it’ll do any good, but i hope someone has the heart to help. we spend roughly $75 a month on food and litter for these little guys, and we’ve had them since mid-august. (plus, until mid-september, we were also feeding mommy cat.) since we don’t have jobs, and we have three boodles of our own, this has added a definite dent on our monthly resources. since we don’t want to give any of these guys to just anybody, our resources for advertising are fairly limited.
mommy cat went up to Mass., and her adoptive parents haven’t given us any news, so we’re wary of letting these guys go far afield.
i am going to update their bios, and put a better explanation of all of this up here. we will also be updating the gallery in the next few days.