Just to let anyone who reads the blog on a regular basis that I will from time to time keep people updated on what is new on my website . Firstly I have recently added a friendship page where people can meet others, this can be for support or just to build a friendship. The page is pretty new and hopefully will fill up pretty quickly, so if you want to add your details then please feel free.

Something else that will hopefully be coming soon is a anxiety auction page. This will consist of me raising money for charity auctions by way of selling items on ebay and also maybe the odd fundraising day. Details will hopefully appear soon on my site so keep an eye out for that one.

Hopefully soon my website will be getting a facelift, there is just not enough space on there for what I need, so a few extra buttons and maybe a sharper design. The website will be changing on a regular basis, this comes from what people want and comment on, so keep it in your favourites and keep popping back in to see whats new