Many people through anxiety, including myself can go through a stage of depression and self-pity. This in turn can bring on feelings of fatique and a lack of motivation. They can also develop a bad diet and a total lack of fitness, what is the point when I feel like this they may think. In my own recovery I put little importance on foods and excercise, but it turn out to be a large part of how I felt overall, again it is not the only answer, but it can have a large overall effect on how you feel.

I went out no matter how I felt, depressed, anxious, panicky, I was sick of anxiety ruling what I did and did not do, so I went walking, running, swimming and also looked at what I ate. The improvement was easy to see, our body is like a car and the more we look after it the better it runs. Not only did I feel better, it also gave me the extra confidence I needed to address my other problems, it gave me the motivaton to really move forward in my struggle with anxiety. Instead of sitting at home wallowing in self-pity, I began to take more of an interest in other things, something else took over my thoughts and my day.

I always tell people the importance of going out in the fresh air, taking up a new hobby, something to break the chain of self-pity and depression, exercise is one of the best mood lifters there is, it also helps burn all the stress chemicals that can build up during the day, some people ask me how they feel stressed and irritable when they are sat still? The answer is they are filled with stress that needs a release, it needs an outlet and excercise gives it this. So no matter how you feel, take control of your life and do try to go out there and do something, you never know you might just enjoy it.